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1 Comment | August 12, 2014

Hot Dog in a BasketI love hot dogs. It has been my life long dream to own and operate a hot dog stand.  Maybe it’s in my blood.  Back in the 1930’s my father put himself through college by building and operating the “Refreshmobile”, a hot dog stand built on the frame of a trailer that he could pull from one beach to another during his summers on Shelter Island.

So for the last ten years I have been collecting information on how to do that. During that time I’ve collected dozens of recipes, articles, pictures and stories about hot dogs, condiments, toppings, hot dog stands and their owners.  But until I finally fulfill my dream and open my own hot dog joint, I thought I would share my collection with you, my fellow hot dog enthusiasts.

So What’s So Awesome About Hot Dogs?

New Orleans Dog

The lowly hot dog is an American icon with an entire month dedicated in its honor, there are special events held across the country to celebrate it’s unending variety, and you can’t pass a fair or amusement park without at least one stand dedicated to them. Hot dogs have been a favorite of working class men and women for over a century and the favorite of presidents and visiting royalty alike.  To most Americans it would be impossible to think of a baseball game or summer in America without the good ‘ole hot dog. There is simply no denying the hot dog’s popularity or iconic position in American culture.

What I have come to love and admire about the hot dog is the endless creativity that we bring to it. Everyone has their own favorite toppings and each region of our country has its own unique variation of the traditional hot dog. From the Coney Island dog to the Chicago dog to the Sonoran dog and all of the variations and innovations in between, the lowly hot dog is the foundation on which these marvelous tastes and textures have been built.

colombian hot dogAs you go through this site I hope you’ll find a recipe or two that will inspire you, but equally so, I hope you will share your thoughts, ideas, and recipes with the other hot dog lovers that visit this site as well so that we can all love and appreciate the hot dog for the great American icon it is.

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  1. posted by Horisto Valensia on June 4, 2015

    Follow your dream! Coming to America was my dream. It was terrifying, but it was the best decision I made in my entire life. Take the leap. You won’t regret it. And thank you for sharing all of this great information.


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