14 Football Themed Hot Dogs for Fall

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Delicious Football Themed Hot Dogs for Fall

Buffalo Blue Cheese Hot Dog

Buffalo Blue Cheese Hot Dog to Celebrate the Buffalo Bills

Summer is almost over and that means football season is just around the corner.  Because football games are a time to gather together to celebrate our favorite teams and enjoy each others company, it’s never too early to start thinking about what to serve during your tailgates or while you’re watching the game at home. Why not show your team spirit with the perfect regional hot dog inspired by your team’s location? It will remind you of being in the stadium.  No matter which team you root for, here is a  list of great regional hot dogs and their toppings to help you cheer on your team during the game.

We’ve rounded up 14 regional hot dog recipes to help you celebrate 14 of the best football teams!

  1. Atlanta, GA – To celebrate the Atlanta Falcons, top your hot dog with a pile of coleslaw, a dab of meatless chili and a tasty combo of mustard, ketchup and onions with this Atlanta Dog.
  2. Baltimore, MD – To cheer on the Baltimore Ravens, top your hot dog with pan fried bologna in this Baltimore Dog.
  3. Seattle-Hot-Dog-Recipe

    Seattle-Style Hot Dog to Celebrate the Seattle Seahawks

    Buffalo, NY – Buffalo Bills fans love buffalo sauce, so try the Buffalo Blue Cheese Dog to cheer on your team.

  4. Cincinnati, OH – Make a Cincinnati-style hot dog with spiced meat sauce and shredded cheese to accompany the Cincinnati Bengals.
  5. Charlotte, NC – Sweet and sour broccoli coleslaw with barbecue sauce will complement the Carolina Panthers perfectly
  6. Chicago, IL – Support the Chicago Bears with a Chicago Style Hot Dog topped with mustard, relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers and celery salt.
  7. Dallas, TX – Cheer on the Dallas Cowboys by grilling up some hot dogs and topping it with batter fried onions, BBQ potato chips, BBQ sauce and spicy cheddar cheese sauce for a great Texas Road House Hot Dog.
  8. Detroit, MI – Celebrate the Detroit Lions by grilling up some hot dogs and topping them with chili, yellow onion and yellow mustard to in your own version of a Detroit Coney.
  9. Green Bay, WI – Nothing shows your team spirit like cooking up a batch of  Wisconsin Hot Dogs Simmered in Beer and Covered in Cheese Sauce to celebrate the Green Bay Packers!
  10.  Miami, FL – To root for the Miami Dolphins grill up a batch of hot dogs and serve the your hot dogs Cubano Style, topped with grilled ham, a slice of dill pickle and Swiss cheese.
  11. California Hot Dog to Celebrate the 49ers!

    California Hot Dog to Celebrate the 49ers!

    New Orleans, LA – Nothing like watching the New Orleans Saints go marching by while eating a New Orleans Style Hot Dog, that’s been simmered in Old Bay seasoning mix and topped with smoked bacon & onion marmalade.

  12. New York, NY – Celebrate the New York Giants by cooking up your favorite hot dogs and serving them New York Push Cart Style with NYC Red Onion Sauce.
  13. Seattle, WA – Root for the Seattle Seahawks by serving Seattle-Style Hot Dogs, topped with cream cheese and jalopenos.
  14. San Francisco – CA – Support the 49ers by serving this great California Hot Dog to your friends, complete with avocados, tomatoes and alfalfa sprouts, it’s fresh taste screams California.