Fun Facts About Hot Dogs

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Regardless of your political affiliation or favorite sport, there’s one thing nearly all American’s have in common: a love of Hot Dogs.

Designer and animator Lu Cone designed a great infographic that conveys a ton of fun facts and figures about one of America’s favorite foods—the hot dog.

This poster has some great tidbits—for example, did you know that President Franklin Delano Roosevelt served King George and Queen Victoria hot dogs during their royal visit to the United States in 1939..

Fun hot dog Facts


More Fun Hot Dog Facts

  • Travelers passing through Chicago’s O’Hare airport purchase 2 million Hot Dogs each year according to restaurant and concession stand reports. This makes O’Hare the biggest Hot Dog seller in the United States. 
  • In Chicago, more than 80% of the hot dog vendors proudly feature Vienna® Beef products. Vienna is often considered the Rolls-Royce of Hot Dogs. 
  • Americans typically consume 7 billion Hot Dogs between Memorial Day and Labor Day. 
  • The United States Chamber of Commerce officially designated July as National Hot Dog Month in 1957, and the tradition has been going strong ever since.On the Fourth of July, Americans typically consume over 150 million Hot Dogs in one day! 
  • On every Independence Day since 1916, Nathan’s Famous Hot Dogs hosts it’s Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest which attracts competitors from around the world and huge crowds. 
  • July 20th has been declared National Hot Dog Day – I guess July 4th was already taken. 
  • 450 Hot Dogs are eaten Every second of every day in the United States. 
  • 30% of Americans eat Hot Dogs at least once a month.
  • Sixty percent of Americans prefer their Hot Dogs grilled. 
  • Twenty one percent prefer their Hot Dogs boiled. 
  • The world’s longest hot dog was 1,996 feet, made in honor of the 1996 Olympics.

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