Best Hot Dog Cook Books

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The Best Hot Dog Cook Books

Below is our list of the best hot dog cook books for the true hot dog enthusiast.  Each is filled with inspiration for the hot dog lover in each of us.

Great American Hot Dog Book, The: Recipes and Side Dishes from Across America Paperback

Book Cover-Great American Hot Dog CookbookFrom the classic Coney Island Dog of New York to the tortilla-wrapped Bacon Burrito Dog served up at Pink’s in Los Angeles, The Great American Hot Dog Book takes you on a tour of each state and reveals the inside story of where the hot dog originated and how it became one of America’s favorite food icons.
Whether at ball games, picnics or family cookouts, Americans consume around 20 billion hot dogs a year, so it’s no wonder they are permanently part of our culinary traditions. Wherever you find yourself in the country, there’s bound to be a local hot dog stand, deli, diner or restaurant with a special take on this American comfort food classic. With chronicles of various regional eating establishments, this collectible cookbook is not only a handy road-trip guide, but it also shares America’s most legendary recipes for wieners, sauces, chilis, slaws, relishes, side dishes and more. This is our editor’s top pick for the Best Hot Dog Cook Book.

Readers Reviews

Fun with great recipe ideas for a favorite American treat. By Boyle on April 12, 2009
I gave the book to a friend that is interested in opening a hot dog stand. Some wonderful ideas from across the country categorized by state. Fun reading and good recipes! A good purchase.

A great American cookbook By Scott on November 1, 2011
Hot dogs are as American as can be. From reading The Great American Hot Dog Book you will learn that hot dogs are also very regional. This excellent cookbook covers hot dogs from all across the USA.

Haute Dogs: Recipes for Delicious Hot Dogs, Buns, and Condiments

Haute Dogs Hotdog RecipesHaute Dogs gives the classic cookout staple a fresh and tasty twist, with recipes inspired by everything from south-of-the-border BBQ to Japanese fusion to modern food-cart cuisine. Handcraft your own top-notch dogs, buns, and condiments with step-by-step from-scratch instructions, and brush up on your hot dog history with an in-depth look at tasty traditions from the U.S. and beyond. Just in time for summer, this indispensable guide will make your grilling extraordinary. This is our editors number two pick for the Best Hot Dog Cook Book.

Readers Reviews

Buy this book By Alexander on August 26, 2014
If you like hot dogs, buy this book. I used to make good hot dogs, now I make freakin’ awesome hot dogs. The hot dog chili sauce recipe is worth the price of this book. Seriously, it was the best chili dog I’ve ever had, hands down.

New way for an old standard By T. C. Fahres on October 17, 2014

Everybody loves hot dogs but who doesn’t want to try a different style. This is the book for you. Sure the classics are there, Chicago Dog (with a recipe for neon green relish, a must for ChiTown Dogs) Coney Island, and Corn Dog, but then things get interesting with Spicy Thai Dogs, Swedish Shrimp Dogs, and various South American countries represented. There is a short history of the hot dog, 10 ways to cook the dog, and recipes for most of the condiments used in the book.

Want to make your own dogs or buns it’s all in this book.By Flavia on June 5, 2015

Complete guide on hot dogs. Not only this book contains several hot dog recipes, it also contains buns, relishes, mustard and other sauce recipes. Plus, there are lots of recipes showing you how to make the sausages, which IMO is advisable if you have the resources (i.e., a sausage maker), the patience and time, specially taking into account that the average hot dog found on the market contains too many not-good-for-you additives and doubtful blends of homogenized meat.

Wieners Gone Wild!: Out-of-the-Ballpark Recipes for Extraordinary Hot Dogs

    • WBook Cover-Wieners Gone Wildhat’s more American than apple pie? Hot dogs! Accompanying every barbecue, ball game, or picnic, a hot dog is more than just meat in a bun—it is an American pastime. In Wieners Gone Wild!, you’ll find dozens of mouth-watering, irresistible recipes starring the classic dog in a tasty and surprising 21st century makeover. Join hot dog aficionados Holly Schmidt and Allan Penn in an around-the-world, wiener-fueled adventure, featuring original and exciting recipes like:
      1) The Salty Dog: Smothered with Sriracha coleslaw and topped with cornmeal-fried clams, it’s a New England summer on a bun.
    • 2) Cowboy Up!: A new twist on the classic chili dog, it’s piled high with ground beef and Cheddar cheese.
    • 3) Hair of the Dog: With spicy hash browns and a bourbon sauce, it’s perfect for the morning after
  • Readers Reviews

You Must Get This Book!By Sara L. Hunter on August 1, 2014
OMG! I will never eat a plain, old, regular hot dog again! This book is amazing and perfect for the summer! There are so many wonderful recipes that are easy and kid friendly to make! It is now “Hot dog Season”!! You must get this book! I promise you will never look at a hot dog the same way again!

Complete guide to the American classic with creative tasty twists!By suzanne on May 9, 2014
This hot dog cookbook is full of creative and savory recipes. The hilariously named recipes are simple and easy to follow and all side and condiment recipes are also included. Who couldn’t resist a Buffalo Dog or a Weenie Rangoon or even a Bark Bourgognion?The All American cookout has to include hot dogs- why not make the hot dogs topped with yummy macaroni and cheese or Caesar salad? Love this cookbook!

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Cookbook Hardcover

Book Cover - Nathan'sFeatures 150 recipes from the Nathan’s world-famous hot dog emporium–including salads, soups, chowders, casseroles, party dishes, appetizers, and main dishes–all with the All-American hot dog as the main ingredient.  The writing and pictures are dated and the book is not really focused on the gourmet hot dog trend, but one of the first books to celebrate the versatility of the hot dog.  Some of the recipes like the hot dog lasagna are just horrible, but the author’s heart was in the right place.

Readers Reviews

Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Cookbook By Taylor on January 30, 2013

I live in Missouri. Long trip to get to Coney Island from here. However, our local Sam’s Club serves these delicious dogs. It is on my bucket list to try some of these recipes.

Good for the historical hot dog enthusiast By Anonymous on March 29, 2012

Anyone interested in the history of the American hot dog experience would enjoy this look at the origin and history of the Nathans legacy.

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