Recipe Type: Best Regional Hot Dogs of the U.S.

An Encyclopedia of the Best Regional Hot Dog Recipes of the United States

Hello Kitty Hot Dogs

CONTRIBUTED BY DANIEL WRIGHT Chef Daniel Wright tops these inspired hot dogs with wasabi mayo ...

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Kogi Hot Dog

Kogi Hot Dog Recipe

Imagine a chef who cooked at New York City’s legendary restaurant, Le Bernardin opening a ...

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California Hot Dog

California Hot Dog Recipe These delicious hot dogs are piled high with cheese, tomato, onion, ...

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Pimento Cheese Dog

Like most Southerners, my college girl friend grew up with pimento cheese spread and loved ...

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French Onion Dog

Ingredients 1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil 3 small yellow onions, sliced thin 4 tablespoons Worcestershire ...

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Michigan Hot Dog aka Detroit Coney

The Michigan hot dog, or “Michigan”, is a boiled all-beef hot dog on a steamed ...

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Rhode Island style hot dog

Rhode Island Style Hot Dog

Did you know that the yummy hot dog covered in chili-like meat sauce which is ...

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