Baltimore-Style Hot Dog Recipe

Baltimore Hot Dog Recipe
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Baltimore-Style Hot Dog Recipe

The Baltimore-style hot dog is simple yet tasty meat lovers feast. In a Baltimore Hot Dog, the all beef kosher hot dog and bologna are pan fried until golden brown. To serve, the hot dog is then wrapped in the bologna and placed in a bun along side a crisp dill pickle spear and topped with a squirt of yellow mustard. The bologna adds a layer of taste and meaty complexity to the hot dog and I loved the crispiness.

No one I spoke to at the famous Baltimore delis on Lombard Street; like Attman’s, Weiss’ and Lenny’s, seemed to know the origin of the Baltimore-Style Hot Dog.  One server suggested it was created back in the Great Depression when hot dog vendors would add a slice of bologna to a dog to make it more of a meal, but he admitted he didn’t really know, its just that they’ve always served them that way.  Regardless of the facts, there is certainly a long history of hot dogs being served this way in Baltimore.


8 all beef hot dogs

8 hot dog buns

8 slices of good quality bologna

8 dill pickle spears

Yellow mustard


To prepare a Baltimore-style hot dog, slice each hot dog length wise down the middle to butter fly it.  Then saute in a dry frying pan over medium heat.  While hot dogs are cooking add the slices of bologna to the pan as well.  Turn hot dogs and bologna slices to ensure they are heated through and develop sear marks. You want the hot dog and bologna slices to be a little crispy.  Allow the juices from the hot dogs and bologna to mix together.

Wrap each hot dog in a slice of fried bologna and place in a bun, place a dill pickle spear along side the hot dog, then and garnish with a generous line of yellow mustard.


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