Christmas Themed Hot Dog Recipes

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The Best Christmas Themed Hot Dog Recipes

I know it isn’t even Halloween yet, but I saw some stores starting to get their Christmas stuff out.  It got me thinking.  Everyone loves Christmas, and everyone loves hot dogs, so what could be better than combining the two to see what we could come up with.  After doing a little research on Christmas themed hot dogs we discovered that we were not alone.  The great folks at Serious Eats had already done an article on the topic.  Here are some of their top picks for Christmas themed hot dogs, as well as a few of our own.

Alaskan Reindeer Dog at Hot Diggity (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

Next up is Hot Diggity’s December hot dog special: an Alaskan reindeer dog topped with rum-butter roasted pears (which I could definitely order a side of), bacon and rosemary infused sauerkraut, roasted red pepper chutney, beet sticks and finished off with a dusting of grated almond “snow”. Also on the menu this month is Diggity’s delicious poutine.

Christmas Goose at The Wurst Bar (Ypsilanti, Michigan)

Dan Klenotic, chef at the Wurst Bar, a craft beer and sausage bar in Michigan, has come up with this epic Christmas themed hot dog recipe loosely based on the legendary Chinese restaurant scene from A Christmas Story. The base is a fig-compote glazed homemade goose sausage on a brioche bun, topped with candied kumquats, duck-fat fried goose cracklings, and roasted apple fritters rolled in sugar and five spice, dollops of creme fraiche, and a few sprigs of arugula and frisee. Wow!

The Yule Log at Senate (Cincinnati, Ohio)

Chef Dan Wright’s “Yule Log” hot dog starts off with a wood-grilled lamb sausage on brioche bun topped with cranberry chutney, mint aioli, and fig pudding fritters. Nice. It actually sounds like these sweet vs. savory flavors could really work together.

Santa’s Little Helperat Frank (Austin, Texas)

This Christmas themed hot dog recipe is from Frank in Austin, a hot dog and craft beer bar that also features live music. It starts with a grilled smoked venison sausage topped with grilled asparagus, cherry compote, roasted chestnuts, and an awesome-sounding cayenne eggnog aioli.

A Partridge In A Pear Tree at The Red Hot (Tacoma, Washington)

This Christmas hot dog creation starts with a smoked chicken and apple sausage. It’s topped with a spicy pear cider mustard, cranberry pear relish and eggnog cream cheese.

The Holiday Special at Short Leash Hot Dogs (Phoenix, Arizona)

This Christmas themed hot dog recipe comes from a small hot dog cart vendor called Short Leash Hot Dogs.  It starts with a locally sourced pork and beef grilled dog wrapped in fresh naan bread and topped with fig jam, goat cheese, and roasted pecans. Short Leash Hot Dogs is also what could be the world’s only Chanukah Dog: a hot dog topped with apricot, dates, and pistachio haroseth.
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