Regional Hot Dog Relishes

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Regional Hot Dog Relish Recipes

When most people think of “hot dog relish,” I bet the first thing that comes to mind is that sweet, green pickle relish you find at the grocery store. And, to be honest, in a lot of hot dog joints around the United States, that is exactly what you’ll find.

However, there are a lot of unique hot dog joints where “relish” takes on an entirely new meaning.  Some hot dog relish recipes are based on regional influences, some on secret family recipes.  Some hot dog relishes are made fresh, some are pickled, some are cooked. Some have pickles as their main ingredient, others involve peppers or cabbage.  In fact the only thing that ties them together as a relish is that they are vegetable-based sauces or “slaws” that include a vegetable and a combination of vinegar, sugar, and salt.

Like everything else with hot dogs, the loyalties people feel for their favorite hot dog relish can be fierce. Local traditions dictate what should or should not go on a hot dog and there is a lot of controversy about what exactly constitutes a “relish” that is appropriate to put on a hot dog.

There are parts of the country like Chicago, where a neon green pickle relish is everywhere and standard fare.  However, in Connecticut, a hot pepper based hot dog relish is ubiquitous.  Below is a list of 15 great hot dog relishes that are served across America. Let me know your favorite or send us a recipe if your favorite isn’t listed.

Our Favorite Regional Hot Dog Relishes of the United States

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