Kyoto Fire Hot Dog Recipe

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Kyoto Fire Hot Dog Recipe

The Kyoto Fire Hot Dog recipe is inspired by a visit to Umai Dogs in California.

Founder Loi Tran immigrated to California from Vietnam in 1977 to escape the Vietnam War.  In 1992, Loi received an old, broken hot dog cart from a family friend and got into the hot dog business. He and his wife developed all of their own recipes and sauces and sourced all of their ingredients locally. No one ever told them how a hot dog is supposed to be eaten or what items should or should not be put on a hot dog, so they just made it up as they went along, inspired by what tasted good to them.

Combining different flavors and ingredients from their knowledge of sushi dishes, they created the first Japanese fusion hot dogs and the rest is history.

Their Kyoto Fire Hot Dog is one of their signature hot dos and a favorites of their thousands of loyal fans.


Hot Link (all beef hot dog)

Batter Fried Onions (I use the canned store bought variety since I don’t like to fry deep fry my own)

Yum Yum Sauce (follow link for recipe or use store bought)

Creamy Habanero Sauce (follow like for recipe or use store bought)

Unagi Sauce (use store bought sauce)

Jalapeno Pepper Slices (use thinly sliced fresh Jalapenos for best flavor and texture)

Furikake (available at Asian grocery stores)


This hot dog recipe is part of our collection of Best Regional Hot Dogs in the U.S.

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  1. posted by Horisto Valensia on August 28, 2015

    I want my hot dogs to be fast and fun, not a lot of work, so I love that you can make this delicious hot dog with all store bought ingredients. I made it for my friends one night after work and they were great; deep, rich flavours with a lot of heat! My friends were impressed!

    • posted by AwesomeHotDogs on August 28, 2015


      I’m glad you and your friends enjoyed this recipe. Thank you for taking the time to post your thoughts on this and other recipes after you’ve tried them and for your words of encouragement about this site. It means a lot to me!



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