Texas Road House Hot Dog Recipe

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Texas Road House Hot Dog Recipe

The recipe for this Texas Road House Hot Dog was inspired by a recent trip to Umai Hot Dogs is Roseville, CA, just off or Route 80, about an hour from Sacramento.  Its one of my favorite hot dog joints when I’m in the Sacramento area.  And to be honest, this hot dog is one of my favorites.  It really has a Texas barbecue flair to it..

In my recipe I substituted an all beef hot dog for the chicken hot dog used at Umai Hot Dogs. I always prefer a beef hot dog over a chicken hot dogs; call me a traditionalist!

I also wanted this to be a fast and easy recipe, so I substituted store bought ingredients rather than taking the time to make my own.  That said, I have to say, I think the results were just as good.  The Texas Road House Hot Dog is the perfect combination of rich savory flavors combined with the great crispy texture and taste of the deep fried onions and BBQ’d potato chips.

If you really want to treat yourself (and maybe your loved ones) to a fun BBQ hot dog, then try the Texas Road House Hot Dog.  I think you’ll love it.


8 All beef hot dogs

8 Potato Hot Dog Buns

1 can batter fried onions (your favorite store bought brand will do)

1 small bag BBQ potato chips (I love Lay’s but any brand will do)

1 cup your favorite BBQ sauce (My favorite is Sweet Baby Rays (SBR) Original)

1 cup spicy cheddar sauce (store bought or click here for the Spice Cheddar Sauce recipe)


Heat hot dogs any way you like.  I prefer grilling them, but boiled or even microwaved will do.

Place hot dog in bun, then add a zigzag line of BBQ sauce and a zigzag line of spice cheddar sauce.  Then top with batter fried onions and potato chips.

Serve and eat immediately.  They are best eaten while the batter fried onions and potato chips are still crispy.

Image:courtesy of Umai Hot Dogs

This hot dog recipe is part of our collection of Best Regional Hot Dogs in the U.S.


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  1. posted by joanne on August 28, 2015

    Sounds FANTASTIC, I can’t wait to try it with the left over BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese I have in my frig! Keep the good ideas coming….

    • posted by joanne on August 28, 2015


      Thanks for your words of support, I hope you enjoy the Texas Road House Hot Dog as much as I do.



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